PSK (Prva Sportska Kladionica) reaches a momentous milestone – its 25th anniversary as a brand, marking a thrilling quarter-century of delivering exceptional services to customers in Croatia. A story filled with passion, foresight, and an extraordinary understanding of the local market, propelling PSK to become one of Croatia’s leading sports betting companies.

The Journey Begins: A Visionary Idea Takes Shape

The journey began in 1998 when Mate Ramljak laid the foundation for PSK – the first licensed sports betting company in Croatia. Drawing from his international sports betting expertise and invaluable local insights, Ramljak identified the unique preferences of Croatian customers.

His ambitious vision?

To craft a betting experience tailor-made for their tastes. And so, in Zagreb, the first Over-the-Counter (OTC) sports betting experience was unveiled in a retail shop, igniting the spark that would set PSK on its extraordinary journey.

25 years of feg history

Starting with just its founders and a single employee, the company’s growth soared to incredible heights. By 2001, the PSK family had grown to nearly 200 employees. Initially, there were only 5 retail shops offering offline live betting on matches in real-time, but now, PSK proudly boasts a vast network spanning throughout the entire Croatia, an undeniable testament to the company’s triumphant success.

In 2015, PSK successfully merged with Hattrick-d.o.o which allowed for phenomenal growth and cemented PSK as Croatia’s largest betting network. The merger brought together over 2000 betting locations under the legal name Hattrick-PSK d.o.o. The company then relocated its headquarters to Dugopolje, near Split.

A turning point occurred in 2010 when the Presidio Group became one of the co-owners of Hattrick d.o.o. This pivotal move expanded PSK’s market presence and catapulted its capital value to new heights. Under Presidio’s inspiring leadership, PSK set its sights on international markets, forging powerful B2B collaborations in Spain, Montenegro, Albania, and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

As if that weren’t enough, the acquisition by Fortuna in 2017 opened a new chapter in PSK’s illustrious story.

The Impact of Fortuna: Embracing Diversity and Expanding Horizons!

Following its acquisition by Fortuna, PSK has established new connections and developed a broader understanding of various markets. Engaging actively in cross-border exchanges and discussions, the brand has not only gained insightful perspectives into local markets but has also deepened its grasp of the global business landscape.

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